Everybody Fitness Centerville / Dayton Mall Group Fitness Class Schedule for April 2018

*Local residents only, first time visitors, 18 years or older.

Sculpt Classes


This is a class that will cover all the bases! It is a circuit based training class that focuses on functional strength.

Ab Attack Classes


Classic core conditioning exercises specifically selected to tone & strengthen your overall abdominal area.

Hoop fitness Classes


An aerobic workout with a Hula Hoop!! If you have never been able to hoop or haven’t hooped in decades, yes you can learn. This class teaches you to properly Hula Hoop so you can redefine your waistline. Class consists of ab work as well as leg and upper body which is incorporated as your technique grows. A fun, calorie torching class!

Zumba Classes


A combination of Latin, belly and hip hop dance moves used to create a dynamic, exciting and effective aerobic workout.

Intro to Fitness Classes


Good for beginners. Everyone starts somewhere. Get acclimated to machines, plates, free weights and other modalities and their purpose. Ask questions! Have fun!

Sweat Shoppe Class


Get ready to BRING IT!! The sweat shoppe is a H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) workout to challenge your speed and cardiovascular endurance. You’ll travel from station to station, experiencing different workouts with a variety of motion and endurance levels.

TRX Classes


First Come – First Serve: 9 is the limit. A 45 minute strength building cardio stimulating and calorie burning group class. TRX® is simply a suspended heavy duty straps that assist in body weight training exercise. Any age and any fitness level can do TRX®! All core all the time so make your body a machine.

Pilates Class


For any and all fitness levels. Designed to help you lose weight and define muscles. We work on improving strength, endurance and flexibility.

Strength Training Class


Increase muscular strength and endurance while sculpting a lean strong body. Great for any fitness level.